Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Legendary Zamorano

After spending four successive years at Real Madrid, he was transferred to Inter Milan and got the sacred no 9 jersey which also means that he was the first choice Inter's striker. However when Ronaldo arrived at Inter, he had to release that no 9 to Ronaldo which later on led to somewhat unique number "1+8". making him still technically no 9 striker at Inter.
genius wasn't it?


Anonymous said...

i fancy that marcelo salas.
was a Lazio fan during my primary time.
-Claudio Rai-AN marchisiott

although stated here anonymous,but adi, u know who i am.

AdiZaharri said...

haha ni mesti carlo ANchelloti.
kesian kau dah nak kena sack.
pasni datang aa Madrid jadi asst Mourinho :)

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