Friday, February 11, 2011

Geli Gila Babi Bodoh

Diaby would prefer Barca over Real (?)

First off, fuck you Diaby for making me feeling like throwing up. if the above statement comes from other players like Javier Pastore, Neymar or even Safiee Sali, i dont give a fuck as Barca are at their best at this very moment. but seriously, Abou Diaby. who the hell are you to make such statement. you didnt even get to play first team for France. and one thing. stop trying so hard to copy Vieira. i'll give you 1000 years and still you wouldnt be any greater than Real's ball picker. and the main reason i really annoyed by his statement is both Real and Barca didnt make a bid for him. weird huh??

* i think he fantasize a lot lately. 

** Diaby, if you are reading this. please mind your word. dont make yourself look stupid again. 


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