Monday, February 21, 2011

Fruit Failed *plus stories behind that.

 kalau keluarga Avocado tau ni memang boleh jadi point gaduh ni. 

lesson learnt is??looks can be very deceiving. 

Like photo above. Keluarga Avocado pretend to be Keluarga Papaya, for what reason I dont know(?).
And for two photos below. We can see a full face-covered protester holding an absolutely nonsense signboard. I can bet RM 100000000 that the protester ain't even a muslim. Because ISLAM itself means PEACE and never promotes such violence and terrorism. They must be an anonymous who were paid just  to hold the sick signboard that doesn't promote peace during the war protest. how ironic was that?

*but seriously. the type of people above are making Islamophobia strikes back.

**even if the person above were a muslim, they really give Islam a bad name.


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