Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My (quite) New Hobby

i hv developed a quite new hobby which is
collecting bank notes!


 almost every time i go to shopping mall i will annoy the money changer guy by converting the smallest available note.
HAHA better get used to it suckers.

 my pity collection so far

5 Sterling £
2 Singapore $
10000 Korean WON
10 & 1 US $
and hundreds of Riyal.

* i also collect MYR note with a unique serial number.

** looking forward to have Israel 's New Shekel ₪ note and Zimbabwe Dollar (ZWB) !


Firdaus Idris said...

carik gadoh weh kumpol zimbabwe dollar

Shafiq said...


AdiZaharri said...

jebon : aku sikit gila nak beli 100 trillion zimbabwe dollar. tapi Hani tak kasi pulak.dayyum!

capik : ada sihat degadeyy?

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