Friday, January 14, 2011

Joe Flizzow and his Masonic behaviour (?)

I am not labeling him or what.its just he has been acting weirdly after the Too Phat split's the video of him doing the infamous Rockafella Handsign (*maybe just for fun.who knows)

but seriously, why he keeps on doing the stupid Rockafella Handsign (which represents the all seeing eye) if he doesn't want to be associated with Illuminati.

*this is just my thought, readers

**musically wise, hes like the brightest hip hop artist (to me) and a true warrior as malaysian music scene isnt really for hip hop but still he survived it.

***instead of Malique & Joe Flizzow should try altimet, sonaone, caprice, tactmatic, kraft, karmal, jin hackman, ariz, Joe Farizal, The Rebel Scum, 5forty2..and the list goes on.

****google them youtube them download them (*im not promoting illegal downloading okay wahai KPDNHEP) and if you are really into them go buy their mixtapes .


nasri.azlan said...

style la cara ko tulis..i can see ur future bright ahead..cepat2 kumpul ramai follower..hoho..

AdiZaharri said...


Anonymous said...

Kan ketara gila.. lepas pecah joe naik cepat giler walau lagu2 bangang je die buat tp dpt perhatian radio,media dgn tv.. dan simbol simbol tangan dia da byk berubah banding mase ngan too phat dl.. confirm dia masoninc member.. seorang masonic xkan bgtau dekat org lain.. dan ahli masonic sndr xkenal ahli lain kecuali ......

Mystery 25 said...

dude he dint want to do it. obviously he knows wat the rockafella sign means. the girls insisted but he didnt want to do. so he ended up doing upside down and mabye he was mocking the sign actually. wtf post is this

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